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Talbraksha, with its healing sulphur springs and ruins of ancient temples, is a serene village steeped in legends Associated with the Pandava prince of the Mahabharata. It abounds in greenery and affords visitor the opportunity to glimpse one of the big cats as it descends from the surrounding hills in search of pray. The Alwar Museam is located in the upper storey of the city place. The arts and scholarship flourished under the patronage of the Alwar Maharajas and the court attracted great writers, painters and musicians. A copy of the Mahabharata minutely written out in a single 80 yd. Page: an illuminated Koran, and an exclusive copy of the Persian Gulistan, lovingly created over 10 year, are some of the gems of a priceless collection of Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian and Urdu manuscripts. The armoury section displays weapons dating back to the days of Hazeat Ali-Prophet Mohmmed's son-in-law -as well as the swords and armour of famous warriors like Muhammad Ghori. Akbar and Aurangzeb. The swords and deaggers are richly ornamented and encrusted with jewels. Other object-d-art include exquisitely carved specimens in jade ivory and sandalwood. The Ragamala (Garland of Music) series of miniature RANGMALA painting featured here are unique in their fusion of music and painting as they capture the sensuous essence of a particular melody.