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A pool can be one of the resort's architectural focal points as well as a place to exercise, unwind or work on a tan after a hard day of business meetings or sightseeing. Be playful or just bask the Sun.

Set amidst 120 Acers of lush green hilly vegetation, the Sariska Palace offers unseen blend of Royal splendor with modern amenities. Our large swimming pool is one of the examples.

To cool down after an exhausting day of activities, the Sariska Palace has a swimming pool with that entices all with its clear blue waters. Fully decked with all the accessories needed to maximize the pleasure of swimming such as water tubes, the Sariska Palace's swimming pool provides perfect ambience to even non - swimmers.

For visitors staying with their families, our swimming pool is the perfect alternative to keep their children busy and happy. The mild water of the pool bestows the swimmers with a cooling sensation that makes them calm and rejuvenate their body from top to bottom. So to calm down your hassled body, never forget to take a dip in our superb swimming pool whenever you are in the Sariska Palace.

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